Pro League of Legends Gamer Robbed of $200K in Crypto in Sim-Hack

A prominent eSports gamer took to YouTube to reveal to his audience how “someone stole $200,000” worth of cryptocurrency in an apparent sim-swap hacking incident – a new growing cybercrime trend that appears to focus on cryptocurrency investors.

Pro Gamer Doublelift Has $200K in Crypto Holdings Stolen

American professional League of Legends player Yiliang “Peter” Peng, best known as Doublelift in the eSports space, was reportedly hacked, resulting in $200,000 in cryptocurrency being stolen from his accounts.

In a YouTube video, Peng recounts how he woke up to a notification on his phone from his bank account, alerting him that his account had become overdrawn. Peng, who has won over $174,000 in prizes throughout his career as of August 2018, says he doesn’t check his bank account often, but was surprised to learn it was empty.

The account had become overdrawn due to an excess of Coinbase transactions, wiping out his entire balance and then some. Distressed, Peng attempted to access his Coinbase account to see what had transpired, but to no avail – the hacker had already changed his username and password.

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