Over $100 Million Missing: CoinBene Claims Maintenance, a Month of Questions Point Toward a Hack

Remember CoinBene, the cryptocurrency exchange platform that denied being hacked at the end of March 2019, and instead saying it was undergoing maintenance? Well, it turns out the platform is still under maintenance, or so the company says.

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph has received exclusive details from stakeholders reportedly affected by the situation. These reports, for the most part, were only discussed on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram but have yet to make an appearance on the cryptocurrency news circuit — until now.

The CoinBene saga — timeline of events

On Monday (March 25, 2019), there were massive outgoing transactions from CoinBene’s hot wallet to an unknown wallet that did not exist prior to that Monday. These transactions reportedly involved every single ERC-20 token (totaling 109) held by the company.

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