Microsoft Email Accounts Hacked To Steal Cryptocurrency; Outlook, Hotmail And MSN Users Take Heed

Microsoft Email Accounts Hacked To Steal Cryptocurrency

A recent report suggests that many Microsoft product users of services like Outlook, Hotmail and MSN who also had cryptocurrency tokens in their possession have been robbed by a hacker on April 29th. One of the victims claimed that hackers got hold of his email accounts and then reset his password and gained access to his Kraken exchange account and stole 1 BTC from his exchange wallet. The news got trending on Reddit and many other victims came forward to claim the same experience.

Microsoft took note of the breach and said that the alleged hacking spree began on January 1st and lasted until March 28th of this year. However, the victims have claimed that their accounts were hacked as late as April and the hacking might have continued for well over 6 months.

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