Lazarus Hacking Group Targets Cryptocurrency MacOS Users

The latest Lazarus campaign was first spotted after it had compromised an Asian cryptocurrency exchange.
Computer security firm Kaspersky Lab today warned Mac users that Lazarus, a notorious hacking group allegedly operating from North Korea, has adapted its cryptocurrency-stealing malware to target Apple OS machines.

Lazarus is believed to be responsible for major online attacks, including the $80 million Bangladesh cyber bank heist and 2014’s Sony Pictures hack.

The group has resurfaced once again with a phishing campaign called ‘AppleJeus’, which aims to plant a malware dubbed ‘Fallchill’ on macOS users’ PCs.

The malware campaign was uncovered by Kaspersky, which also noted that Lazarus is developing a version targeting Linux users. The Russian company says the latest attacks are different to other Lazarus phishing operations, using novel code to infect machines.

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