The way you will access your funds will be to “import” or “sweep” your paper wallet. This effectively transfers the coins from your paper wallet to a live wallet, whether that be Jaxx, Exodus,  Electrum,, etc. You should always sweep the complete balance, as it’s not safe to try to spend directly from the paper wallet itself.

Virtually any wallet that includes an “import private key” or “import backup phrase” feature will accept the private keys printed on your paper wallet. However, not 100% of wallets have this feature and it depends on which cryptocurrency you’ve selected.

For Assistance, please email and we will be happy to guide your through the process!

3rd Party Wallet Providers

The following online wallets include the ability to import your private keys or backup phrase from your paper wallet:


JAXX is a multi-currency wallet available for mobile, browser, and desktop platforms. Instructions shown here are for OSX, but the user interface is similar on all platforms.


First, install JAXX on your device. The JAXX site provides instructions and downloads for each supported platform.

You can “Create a New Wallet” to sweep all funds stored on your Paper Wallet into the online wallet, or “Pair From Device” to keep your coins on your Paper Wallet while still being able to view/spend from the existing address.

Creating a Wallet

Next, start the app, and when prompted, choose “Create New Wallet”. After a short progress screen, you will be taken to your newly created wallet.

Importing your Paper Wallet

From the new wallet screen, click on the menu, select “Tools”, and choose “Transfer Paper Wallet”. You will be prompted with a confirmation screen; read it and click “I understand”.

On the next screen, you’re prompted to enter the private key. Click on the camera icon on the right of the text area, and use your device’s camera to scan the QR code from under the scratch panel on your Ether Card. Once you have, click ‘Next’.

Finally, Jaxx shows you the balance of your card. Click “Transfer to Jaxx” and you’re done!

If you want to continue using your Ether Card as a convenient way for people to send you funds, remember to cover up the private key so that people can’t see it.


The Exodus wallet features great design and can simultaneously store multiple currencies. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also fully integrated with Shapeshift to offer exchange between the different currencies.