Hackers Breach MEGA Chrome Extension To Steal Crypto Private Key

Modern technologies, such as the internet, smartphones, and blockchain, are often touted as world-changing innovations, and while this may be the case, there are still glaring problems with the security of digital systems.

MEGA Falls Victim To Cybersecurity Breach

On Tuesday morning, concerned individuals across the web took to social media to reveal that malicious code had taken the place of MEGA’s chrome extension, which has been downloaded tens of millions of times across the globe. Some claimed that the updated code allowed the extension to gather sensitive data from popular websites across the internet.

At first, many believed that this hack only affected popular websites, like Google and Facebook, but upon further analysis, cybersecurity experts noted that the updated MEGA extension could grab sensitive data from crypto-related sites as well.

Ricardo Spagni, a well-known Monero developer, backed up this claim, telling his followers that Monero and Ethereum private keys could be stolen via the combination of MEGA Chrome (version 3.39.4 specifically) and the MyMonero and/or MyEtherWallet storage solutions.

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